A Few Extra Items To Keep In Your Recovery Kit

18 January 2019
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Off-roading is fun, but it has its risks. One of those is getting stuck in sand or in tight spots where you need extra help getting the 4x4 out so you can get back home. Because many of these tight spots require only a little boost to get the truck out -- and because you're often far from the nearest Auto Club tow truck -- you have to have a recovery kit with you. Read More 

You Wanted A Millennium Falcon, But You Got A Sand Barge Instead: DIY Truck Repair Gone Awry

7 April 2018
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So, you bought a used truck and you thought you could repair it and deck it out to look like a cross between a truck and the Millennium Falcon. Only trouble is, your truck now looks like a sand barge from Tatooine instead. Do not freak out; auto mechanics can fix this. Here is how. Beefing up the Controls and the Engine You just wanted a truck that could go faster and have more power. Read More 

Tune, Flush, Refill, Repeat: Engine Services You Cannot Do Without

3 October 2017
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Engine services encompass a variety of procedures for keeping your car's engine in top running condition. Many people, whether for expense purposes or out of ignorance of car maintenance, tend to not complete most of these services. Here are just a few of the services your vehicle absolutely cannot do without. Oil Changes Oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine. The used oil is channeled through a filter, leaving behind particulates inside the engine, and dropping dirty oil in the filter. Read More 

3 Emergent Parts On Your Car That You Should Replace Right Away

25 September 2017
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If you notice something wrong with any part on your car, it's always a good idea to get it checked out right away. While you might not be able to replace a certain part right away, there are some parts that might cause an emergency if you don't get it replaced right away. Here are three emergent parts on your car that you should replace right away as soon as you realize there is a problem: Read More 

Leaving Your Wife And Kids To Travel For Work? Prevent Unnecessary Accidents And Chaos

22 September 2017
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If you have to travel out of town and you worry about leaving your family at home, the least you can do is try to prevent unnecessary problems. By checking a few things around your house, and also checking your car, you can help prevent an issue when you are miles away. This can reduce stress and help you get some peace of mind while you are away and traveling. Here are some of the things to look into doing. Read More